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Battle Royale: For Your Heart!

TitleBattle Royale: For Your Heart!
DeveloperLegendEx Games
PublishersLegendEx Games


Battle Royale: For Your Heart! (BRFYH) is a battle royale themed romance parody game in development. This game is a critique on common visual novel and anime tropes, online gaming communities, and, of course, the ever-growing popularity of battle royale games.

After watching SamuraiStriker, world famous streamer and competitive battle royale player, invite gamers of all skill levels to join him in LegendEx Games' Fighter's Cup, you decide to enter the tournament to try and win the highly sought after mystery prize.

The only problem? You are a complete noob, mistakenly entered the duos tournament as a solo player, have to scramble to find a partner, and attempt to win the competition!

Select your avatar, player voice, gamertag, and possible duo partner, as you venture into an expansive virtual world alongside a colorful cast of characters. It is up to you to decide how the game unfolds. Unlock hidden scenes, build a bond with your partner (or enemies!) and try to win the competition!



English (2)
2019-08-13Battle Royale: For Your Heart! - Convention Demo
2021-01-25Battle Royale: For Your Heart! - Extended Demo


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