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Ayashigoto Banashi R


TitleAyashigoto Banashi R
Original title怪事戯話R-アヤシゴトバナシ-
Developer6045* -Roku Maru Yon Go-
Publishers6045* -Roku Maru Yon Go-


A Sound Novel adaptation of a Web Novel.

The city of ancient ghost tales, Kodamamachi.
In the art club of the Kodama north middle school, a group of local girls gather every day to talk about their shared interest: ghost stories.

They still don't know that by doing so they're slowly breaking the lock of something that was sealed deep within the school.

On that faithful May, two club members, Karasugai Itsuka and Kuroume Maki, have a sudden encounter with a real youkai who calls himself Kanon.
He says their ghost stories weakened the seal of the "Great Spirit Way", and he commands them to take responsibility for it.

In order to seal it back, they need to solve the mysterious occurrences that start happening around the school.

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Japanese (2)
2021-02-2112+Ayashigoto Banashi R v1.00
2021-05-2212+Ayashigoto Banashi R v1.1


Full character list

Character summary

Karasugai ItsukaProtagonist
Kuroume MakiProtagonist
Sougaku KanonMain character
Ayumi MiyoSide character
Elisa StrammSide character
Hanako-sanSide character
Hatogai AkuruSide character
Hinoto HinoeSide character
Kanagaki MahoroSide character
Karasugai KouSide character
Karasuma KizashiSide character
Kotori MakoSide character
Koufukugamori SachikoSide character
Kubinashi AikoSide character
Mikado SumireSide character
Oumiya HizukiSide character
Rikunoue YukiSide character
Shiranagi KyoukoSide character
Takitsubo TomokoSide character
Tarou-sanSide character
Tenjinzaka YamatoSide character
Yamane ChikaSide character
YojibabaSide character

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Ayashigoto Banashi R v1.00

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