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v3097.122019-08-06 at 15:29beliarTaiyou no KoMost likely dead, unless someone has contradictory information. t2061
v3097.112016-02-23 at 21:31traumatizerTaiyou no Kostaff note
v3097.102015-03-10 at 12:24traumatizerTaiyou no Kostaff note
v3097.92015-02-24 at 04:10myopiusTaiyou no Kostaff
v3097.82015-02-21 at 08:10varioTaiyou no Kowakaranai: >those "and something" look inconsistent on the staff page Look at the previous revision. It was done by me, too. So I changed it like he
v3097.72015-02-21 at 00:41rusanonTaiyou no KoFrom d2#3.1: "Don't add a person as "Staff" if he/she is already credited with some of the major roles. Mention this in the notes field instead."
v3097.62015-02-20 at 22:30varioTaiyou no Ko.
v3097.52015-02-18 at 15:06varioTaiyou no KoAdded artists and scenario writers
v3097.42015-01-29 at 13:13rusanonTaiyou no KoOne more writer.
v3097.32015-01-29 at 12:57rusanonTaiyou no KoWriter.
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