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Mean Girls: Senior Year

Mean Girls: Senior Year
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)


Mean Girls: Senior Year is an interactive experience in which you must survive senior year at North Shore High School as a new student. It is part of the IOS app 'Episode- Choose Your Story'. The plot follows a new girl, who's name you choose, trying to make her way to Yale university. To achieve this she must try to win student body president, competing against former pageant rival Regina George. On her quest to achieve acceptance into Yale, she meets Janis Ian, Cady Heron and Damian Leigh, whom she befriends almost immediately. She also meets Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners, who are still loyal followers to Regina.

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English (1)
2015Mean Girls: Senior Year

Full character list

Character summary

Micah BergmanMain character
Cady HeronSide character
Damian LeighSide character
Dane TuckerSide character
Gretchen WeinersSide character
Janis IanSide character
Karen SmithSide character
MomSide character
Regina GeorgeSide character

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Mean Girls: Senior Year

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