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Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki


Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki
AliasesCreate girls → started to walk.
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Our protagonist, Toshiki Kagami, is headed to Tokyo, where he will begin living with his cousin and her family. Unbeknownst to others, he harbors a desire within himself.

He wants to rekindle that creative spark he all but lost now.

He had a childhood friend, Aisa Ayase. They were two peas in a pod, always competing against each other, seeing who could create better stories. However, as they grew older, their thoughts and mindset slowly started differing more and more from each other. In the end, Aisa moved with her family to Tokyo.

The now separated Aisa and Toshiki would still send letters to each other, talking about their current lives and, of course, sending each other stories for the other to read. However, once the prospect of entering high school drew ever so closer, the letters from Aisa all but disappeared.

Nonetheless, Toshiki continued writing stories, making doujin games and eventually, he would debut with his first commercial light novel.

And while the cultivation of his creative prowess was growing steadily, he hit a slump half a year ago. And so, he postulated that perhaps spending time with similarly aged creators would help him break free of his slump. Steeling himself, Toshiki enrolled in Saika Private Academy, a school designed for creators to gather in one space.

With that, spring rolls around and Toshiki is in Tokyo, ready to start his new school life. And it is there that he reunites with Aisa once more.

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Central Heroine 3.0 Death of HeroineS 3.0 Dying HeroineS 3.0 Episodic Story 3.0 Genius Heroine 3.0 Hikikomori Heroine 3.0 Long Common Route 3.0 Only Virgin Heroines 3.0 Pure Love Story 3.0 Sex with Protagonist Only 3.0 Slice of Life Drama 3.0 Twins as Support Characters 3.0 Writer Heroine 3.0 Lip Sync 2.8 Romance 2.8 Artist Heroine 2.7 Coming-of-Age Drama 2.7 Few Choices 2.7 Flashback 2.7 Imouto-type Heroine 2.7 Male Protagonist 2.7 Modern Day Japan 2.7 Multiple Endings 2.7 Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine 2.7 Protagonist's Cousin as a Heroine 2.7 Protagonist's Senpai as a Heroine 2.7 Protagonist with a Face 2.7 Seiyuu Heroine 2.7 Unlockable Routes 2.7 Writer Protagonist 2.7 Adolescent Romance 2.5 Backlog Jump 2.5 Design Story 2.5 High School Student Protagonist 2.5 Jump to Next Choice 2.5 Modern Tsundere Heroine 2.5 One True End 2.5 Otaku Heroine 2.5 Otaku Protagonist 2.5 Protagonist's Ex as a HeroineS 2.5 Protagonist's Rival as a Heroine 2.5 Secret Romance 2.5 Shy Heroine 2.5 Unlockable Choices 2.5 ADV 2.3 Blood-related Cousin Incest 2.3 High School Student Heroine 2.3 Side Portraits 2.3 Single Blowjob 2.3 Super Deformed CG's 2.3 Terminal IllnessS 2.3 Background Moans 2.0 Bathroom Sex 2.0 Butterfly 2.0 Changeable Font 2.0 Condoms 2.0 Cousin Romance 2.0 Cousin Support Character 2.0 Cowgirl 2.0 Cunnilingus 2.0 Deepthroat 2.0 Defloration 2.0 Doggy Style 2.0 Donkan Protagonist 2.0 Female Friend 2.0 French Kiss 2.0 Haraguro Heroine 2.0 Heroine with Big Breasts 2.0 Kissing Scene 2.0 Life and Death DramaS 2.0 Loli Heroine 2.0 Lots of Event CGs 2.0 Male Friend 2.0 Naked Sprites 2.0 Ojousama Heroine 2.0 Onsen 2.0 Other Perspectives 2.0 Outdoor Sex 2.0 Passage of TimeS 2.0 Perverted Heroine 2.0 Pillow Talk 2.0 Psychological Trauma 2.0 Quickie Fix Position 2.0 Save Memo Function 2.0 School Life Comedy 2.0 Sex in Water 2.0 Single Boobjob 2.0 Single Handjob 2.0 Sitting Sex 2.0 Sixty-nine 2.0 Slice of Life 2.0 Spoons 2.0 Standing Sex 2.0 Under the Same Roof 2.0 Unlockable Gallery 2.0 Vaginal Fingering 2.0 Voiced Narration 2.0 Ahegao 1.7 Bullying 1.5 Low Sexual Content 0.4


Japanese (4)
2021-07-3018+Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki - Trial Edition
2021-11-2618+Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki - Deluxe Limited Edition
2021-11-2618+Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki - Regular Edition
2021-11-2618+Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki - Download Edition
Chinese (simplified) (1)
2021-11-25Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki tiyanban (unofficial patch)
English (1)
2022-02-0518+Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki (unofficial machine translation patch)
Indonesian (1)
TBA18+Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki (unofficial patch)


Full character list

Character summary

Kagami ToshikiProtagonist
Ayase AisaMain character
Voiced by Akabane Kyouko
Nagima YumemiMain character
Voiced by Kusuhara Yui
Tsukimizaka KirihaMain character
Voiced by Natsumine Iroha
Yukisaki ErenaMain character
Voiced by Hazuki Hikari
Amahoshi YuinaSide character
Voiced by Akino Hana
Hanasaki MeiSide character
Voiced by Koibane Moko
Nagima ChinamiSide character
Voiced by Toono Soyogi
Shidou ShionSide character
Voiced by Karasuma Sora
Shidou YuumaSide character
Voiced by Yotsuba You
Uishi HimekoSide character
Voiced by Kotorii Yuuka
Yukisaki ErikaSide character
Voiced by Aono Musubi

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Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki - Trial Edition

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