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Chan Prin Gaelyka

TitleChan Prin Gaelyka


The small kingdom where you live is undergoing hard times, as due to a series of disasters, the financial situation is really bad… Therefore, not to provoke any more expenses, your parents, the sovereigns of the kingdom decide to send you to study with a grant to the prestigious Royal Rouse, a college devoted to train all the princes and princesses in the continent.

In the moment when your journey to the college starts, you notice that your life is changing… and there you will know all the different students from royalty, each of them with their own reasons to be there. How will this affect your life and the other’s? Will you find love in this romantic adventure? You will have to discover it step by step.


Spanish (2)
2018-04-0612+Chan Prin Gaelyka
2018-04-1912+Chan Prin Gaelyka
English (2)
2018-04-3012+Chan Prin Gaelyka
2018-05-0712+Chan Prin Gaelyka

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