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Beskonechnoe leto

Бесконечное лето

Beskonechnoe leto
TitleBeskonechnoe leto
Original titleБесконечное лето
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperErogame Project & Soviet Games
Publishers Erogame Project & Soviet Games
 Nutaku & Soviet Games
 Soviet Games
 Soviet Games
 Soviet Games
Alternative version
[unofficial] 7 dney leta
[unofficial] Bulki, kefir i rok-n-roll
[unofficial] Samantha
[unofficial] The Pink Strand
Shares characters
9 Maja
[unofficial] Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni
UVAO Forever
UVAO Project 2017 Rebuild
[unofficial] Moroznyj Poceluj
Same setting
[unofficial] Beskonechnyj holod


One day, Semyon, while taking a walk through the streets, boards the bus number 410, where he suddenly loses his consciousness. When he comes back to his senses, he finds himself in a soviet pioneer summer camp. Semyon gets involved in a routine life of soviet youth and meets several attractive girls... But he still wants to understand how he got there and maybe find a way out, back to the real world.


AliasesSimon, Semen
Clothes, Coat, Sweater
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Donkan, Lazy, Low Self-esteem, Otaku
Role, Guitarist, Hikikomori, NEET, University Student
Engages in, Filming, Music Learning, Soccer, Wedding
Subject of, Blackmail, Filming
Engages in (Sexual), Drunk Sex, Outdoor Sex


Protagonist of the story. Semyon has given up university education and leads hikikomori way of life.
One winter day, he takes a walk, boards the bus number 410, where he suddenly loses his consciousness. When he comes back to his senses, he finds himself in a Soviet pioneer summer camp.

Main characters

Side characters

AliasesElectronic, Syroezhkin, Сыроежкин
Hair, Blond, Parted to Side
Eyes, Blue
Body, Teen
Clothes, Belt, Necktie, Shirt, Shorts
Role, Based on a Fictional Character, Mechanic
Olga Dmitrievna
Olga DmitrievnaОльга Дмитриевна 
AliasesМод-тян, Mod-chan
Hair, Brown, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Waist Length+
Eyes, Green
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Belt, Blouse, Hat, Miniskirt, Necktie
Personality, Assertive, Patriotic
Engages in (Sexual), Not Sexually Involved


Head of the pioneer camp.

AliasesВиолетта Церновна Коллайдер, Violetta Cernovna Collider, Коллайдер-сама, Collider-sama
Hair, Blue, Long, Ponytail
Eyes, Blue, Heterochromia, Red
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Glasses, Lab Coat
Role, School Nurse
Engages in (Sexual), Not Sexually Involved


Nurse in the pioneer camp.

Makes an appearance

Semyon's Father
Semyon's FatherОтец Семёна 
Role, Father
Releases> Makes an appearance - r6142:Eroge s maskotami


Semyon's father is mentioned only in 2009 demo of game.