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 Mirai no Kimi to, Subete...   2007-12-31 en/es/fr/ja/ru/vi/zh 4 more...  Beskonechnoe leto   2013-11-05 en/es/it/ru/zh Shares characters  UVAO Forever   2010-01-16 de/en/ru Shares characters  Wintertale   2010-12-30 en/eo/ru/zh Shares characters  The Pink Strand   2012-03-08 en/ru Alternative version Shares characters  9 Maja   2009-05-09 ru Shares characters Shares characters Shares characters  Moroznyj Poceluj   2015-01-19 en/ru Sequel Shares characters  Beskonechnyj holod   2015-10-10 ru Same setting  UVAO Project 2017 Rebuild   2017-12-29 ru Shares characters Alternative version  Samantha   2014-12-11 en/ru Alternative version  Bulki, kefir i rok-n-roll   2015-05-30 ru Alternative version  7 Dnej Leta   2020-05-20 ru Alternative version  7 Summer Days: Noir   2019-07-19 en/ru Sequel  Volk Nashjol Skrityj Fot...   2019-02-10 ru Fandisc  7 Summer Days: Youth Sky   2020-07-30 en/ru Side story Side story