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Perfect Acting

TitlePerfect Acting
DeveloperHasalynx Games
PublishersHasalynx Games


Perfect Acting is a sweet romantic comedy about a shy independent film director and the outgoing actor starring in his newest movie.

Zoltan is an amateur film director whose specialty is gay romance movies. When Gellert, a gay activist and famous blogger, chooses to interview him, little does Zoltan know how the online conversation will change his life.

After receiving a unique invitation to play a role in Zoltan’s newest slice-of-life movie, Gellert is thrilled. However, there are several problems during shooting, and soon Zoltan is forced to give up the director’s chair and join his cast.

Kisses exchanged on screen change Zoltan’s and Gellert’s friendship forever. Gellert hopes for something more, but Zoltan is introverted and difficult to talk to. Their personalities, interests, and lifestyles clash. Gellert knows he should let Zoltan go and as soon as possible... But his heart just won’t listen.



English (2)
2021-06-08Perfect Acting
2021-06-08Perfect Acting - Demo

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