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Apocalyptic Dream

Apocalyptic Dream
AliasesApoYume, アポ ゆめ
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperStudio Midnight Springs
PublishersStudio Midnight Springs


Apocalyptic Dream is a dual-MC, horror-themed otome game that takes place during a zombie outbreak in the 21st century. Follow Mikuru and Toshiro Aikyo, twins who had the misfortune of knowing what was coming.

Navigate friendships, relationships, and learn who to trust...all while trying to survive.

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English (3)
2020-08-0318+Apocalyptic Dream - Demo
2024-0318+Apocalyptic Dream
2024-0318+Apocalyptic Dream


Full character list

Character summary

Aikyo ToshiroProtagonist
Voiced by John Patneaude
Ikeru ChiakiMain character
Voiced by Anya Beck
Noah ReidMain character
Voiced by Eddy Yeung
Sasaki RyuuMain character
Voiced by Kim Morton
Satou SayakaMain character
Koyama ArisaMain character
Voiced by Julia Nero
Koyama KyokoMain character
Voiced by Alice Himora
Hirashima TakutoMain character
Voiced by Michael Neeb
Akechi HanakoMain character
Hoshino MitsukiMain character
Voiced by Megan Brown
Higuchi KeiMain character
Voiced by Kaitsu
Amari TsuyoMain character
Voiced by Melody Muze
Kamishiro MikioMain character
Voiced by Cryshulvo
Kanzaki AkemiMain character
Voiced by Danuta Marie
Akagawa SayuriMain character
Voiced by Dottovu
Suzuki AiriMain character
Voiced by Cat Protano
Yukimura KirikoMain character
Voiced by Sara Secora
Kuroda AtsushiMain character
Voiced by Jordan Bates

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Apocalyptic Dream - Demo

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