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Cage -Remake-

CAGE -リメイク版-

TitleCage -Remake-
Original titleCAGE -リメイク版-
Alternative version
Cage -Open-
Cage -Close-


The first thing Teppei Konno sees when he opens his eyes is a cold hard ground.
Waking up in an old abandoned building, he only remembers how he left his work in a tired state last night.

How did he get here? What is this place? What is going on?

He is CAGED in a GAME.
Surrounded by other participates, the hunt for the coin begins.
The time limit is 8 nights.
Will Konno be able to survive these deadly nights?
Are friends really friends or actually enemies?
Or maybe even more?

The new makeover from Cage - OPEN / CLOSE
with new graphics and voiceover!



Japanese (1)
202118+Cage -Remake-

Full character list

Character summary

Konno TeppeiProtagonist
Ishimatsu SeishirouMain character
Kujo ToshiakiMain character
Kurusu AkaneMain character
Maki AtsugiMain character
Nitta TakashiMain character
Oohira YuukiMain character
Saiki ShunMain character
Yagasaki FumihiroMain character
Yoshimoto GenMain character

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