Edit history of Homestay a la Mode

v31685.82021-09-24 at 07:50mikiruHomestay a la ModeOld length
v31685.72021-09-07 at 17:48empoleon434Homestay a la Modecast link
v31685.62021-09-07 at 17:18mikiruHomestay a la ModeSS
v31685.52021-09-02 at 19:54eacilHomestay a la ModeReverted to revision v31685.3 it needs a grave alright but this you can see only on the cover; the official website says that the タイトル is HOMESTAY a
v31685.42021-09-02 at 17:27mutsukiHomestay à la Modeneeds a grave
v31685.32021-08-09 at 17:15tegerusHomestay a la ModeAdded Description
v31685.22021-07-26 at 04:28eacilHomestay a la Modepackage cover
v31685.12021-07-20 at 11:41eacilHomestay a la Modevn (capitalization again, I capitalized like I do with French)