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How would you like to write your very own Telenovela? Well, with Telenovela, that's exactly what you will accomplish!

You may be thinking to yourself: "How am I supposed to manage this huge undertaking by myself?" Easy! For generations, people with and without the aptitude to write have been penning Telenovelas left and right. The trick is: stick to what works! As long as you follow every single cliché in the book, no one can accuse you of not trying hard enough. You see, writing is just a huge laundry list of things to show (not tell). There's no art or creativity needed! Everyone can do it!

Telenovela proves that if you know a genre well enough, you too can become a successful author! How many viewers will your Telenovela have? Can you capture the audience with your plot twists and cliff hangers? Embrace your inner Latino and write the greatest love story that will run for about six months on prime time before being replaced by an even greater love story!


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2021-07-30All agesTeleNovela

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