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Space to Grow

Space to GrowSafe / Tame (14)
Space to Grow
AliasesOur Personal Space 2
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperMetasepia Games
PublishersMetasepia Games

Our Personal Space


A visual novel where you play as a farmer, father, and community member. Decide what to plant, which faction to support, and what kind of dad you want to be. How will you react when your daughter won't stop crying? When she bullies her friend? Or when she wants to hang out with the cool kids?

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By publicnuisance on 2021-08-19Vote: 10
<report>Our Personal Space was a great visual novel that did a fantastic job of making you feel like you built a life for yourself on a different planet. Space to Grow took that and expanded on it in various ways. You can’t import your old save game, which is one of my only complaints, but luckily for me the choices they had made for the start of this game were pretty close to what I had made in the original. The game still had a management aspect to it, this time you have to manage your crops. You pick what to grow and have to manage crop choices; budgets; nutrition; and nitrogen levels which can force you to relocate crops. Just as in the original I found the managerial aspects to be easy to get... Read more »
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