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Ewige Schlacht -Erste Geschichte-

Ewige Schlacht -Erste Geschichte-
AliasesEternal War -First Tale-
Play timeShort (5h from 1 votes)
DeveloperAZuL CiEL
PublishersAZuL CiEL

Ewige Schlacht -Letzte Geschichte-


"Deusgarten", a world where gods live.

One day, one of the goddesses living there, "Yukia," wandered into the world of a small goddess. Her name is Schultz.

Schultz has stolen a doll called "Teufel", a dangerous object in Deusgarten, and she plans to use it in a parallel world she has created to eliminate the powerful people of the other worlds.
All in order to gain "eternal freedom".

Besides Yukia, there were five more powerful people.

Katsuobushi, a boy with deep connections to other parallel worlds.
Turner, a young man with a combat prosthetic on his right arm.
Hal, a boy with extraordinary presence and abilities.
Gene, a boy with the ability to create and manipulate iron.
Novard, a young man who possesses a mysterious body.

They are all inseparable from each other.

In a world where their power has become so manipulated as to prevent them from exerting their full potential, they must fight to survive tomorrow.

[translated from Freem!]


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2020-01-1112+Ewige Schlacht -Erste Geschichte-

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Ewige Schlacht -Erste Geschichte-

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