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Ewige Schlacht -Letzte Geschichte-

Ewige Schlacht -Letzte Geschichte-
AliasesEternal War -Last Tale-
Play timeShort (2 - 10 hours)
DeveloperAZuL CiEL
PublishersAZuL CiEL

Ewige Schlacht -Erste Geschichte-


The miniature garden world "they" had dispersed to was a closed-off place with nothing but pouring rain.

The only remaining hope, a young boy named Digitali, was attacked by Krim in the same way "they" were.

But Digitari knew.

He knew that the real Krim was on his side, and that he was now possessed by another entity. That being was Paper, the guide of the "Black and White War" that was supposed to have ended on ────. Digitali lost consciousness and his life had ended...or so it was presumed.

Later, Digitali woke up in a place outside of the miniature garden world.
He had lost his memory of the battle and had returned to his own world.
He woke up on that fateful day when the "Black and White War" began.

As a member of the "Black Army", he sees his world being turned upside down by a war that promises to fulfill the wishes of the victorious army. Then he meets his friends and they work hard to stop the "Black and White War", but────

They know nothing.
This is just one of the tragedies repeated by the rewinding of time.
Time and time again, the absurd reality thrusts them into despair and brings them to the worst possible end.

Still, the strong embrace the harshness of life and resist reality.
And there is one boy who simply wishes for peace.
Their final story is about to begin.

[translated from official site]


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2021-07-1812+Ewige Schlacht -Letzte Geschichte-

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Ewige Schlacht -Letzte Geschichte-

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