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Cinderella Happy End


Cinderella Happy End
AliasesCinderella's Happy End, Cendrillon Happy End
Play timeUnknown
PublishersCiagram Co, Ltd.


You've been scouted by an extra, and now you're going to act as an actress. There you met some of the top stars of the entertainment industry.

During filming, my heart races with unscripted lines and I'm at the mercy of them, not knowing if they're acting or serious! Popular actors and models... What is the love affair between a top star and a new actress in the entertainment world?


Japanese (3)
2016-04-14Cinderella Happy End
2016-04-22Cinderella Happy End
2020-06-04Cinderella Happy End
German (1)
2020-05-07Cinderella Happy End
English (1)
2020-05-07Cinderella Happy End
French (1)
2020-05-07Cinderella Happy End

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Uemura HarukaMain character
Saitou HayatoMain character
Sanada KyousukeMain character

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