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Inkai Jinchuu Araka ~JK Taimashi Horror Tansaku RPG~


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Inkai Jinchuu Araka ~JK Taimashi Horror Tansaku RPG~Explicit / Violent (15)
Inkai Jinchuu Araka ~JK Taimashi Horror Tansaku RPG~
AliasesLewd Realm Sacrifice Araka ~A JK Exorcist Horror RPG~
Play timeMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperI'm moralist
PublishersI'm moralist
Shopssponsored links» JP¥ 2970 @ DLsite


One hundred thousand murders and disappearances every year are estimated to have, as a cause, the occult.

In that world exists underworlds inhabited by ghosts and youma. Most underwords are not humankind's enemy, but some are, such as lewdworlds which prey on women. To exorcise such worlds, you must find the spirits at their core and purify them.

Two months have passed since your girlfriend Araka went missing after visiting an underworld she was supposed to take care of. She is a strong taimashi, an exorcist, and shouldn't have had any problem with what she usually call a little garbage cleaning. However, since then, she disappeared.

In light of the taimashi's association's inexplicable lack of action, you decide to take the matter in your hand and save Araka yourself. Your only weapon, a power you were born with: telemetry, that allows you to feel the residual thoughts of the objects you touch. With it, you hope to be able to find a trace of your girlfriend Araka.

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