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The VII Enigma

TitleThe VII Enigma
DeveloperSpire Games
PublishersSpire Games


Who am I to decide the fate of the world?
Why should I save it when it has stolen everything from me?

In the year 2060, Dr Elijah Shaw awakens in a state of confusion, the only clue to his past a mysterious orb clutched in his hand. After being hauled in for interrogation by an agent of the totalitarian ruling faction known as 'The Bureau'; Elijah is rescued by a small band of rebel fighters. Join Elijah and the rebels as they seek to untangle the web of deceit behind 'The Bureau's control and to discover the secrets of Elijah's past.

Can you overcome the tyranny of time itself? Will you crack 'The VII Enigma'?


English (2)
2021-09-09The VII Enigma Demo
2022-01-2512+The VII Enigma

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