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Bear School

Bear School
AliasesBear School, Which is for Bears
StatusUnfinished, no ongoing development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperRed The Bear
PublishersRed The Bear


Bear School is a silly visual novel where you can attend a school full of talking bears - and maybe find the love of your life! Give it a try, life is short dude. Go date a bear. Live the good life.

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English (5)
2013-11-07Bear School - Teaser
2014-04-02Bear School, Demo 1.0 “I’m not dead (yet)!”
2015-09-16Bear School - Semester 1
2015-12-04Bear School - Blain's Route
2017-12-22Bear School: Semester 2 - Kerry's Route

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Bear School: Semester 2 - Kerry's Route

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