Nachtmusik ~Kegareshi Hime ni Ingoku no Senritsu o Sasagu~

Nachtmusik ~穢れし姫に淫獄の旋律を捧ぐ~

TitleNachtmusik ~Kegareshi Hime ni Ingoku no Senritsu o Sasagu~
Original titleNachtmusik ~穢れし姫に淫獄の旋律を捧ぐ~
Publishers Blueberry Soft & Muscadet
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The continent is divided into some countries and they have been at war more than 100 years. The defeated nations must send its queens and princesses. They are all treated like sex toys and end up as sex slaves.... Alec is a sex slave trainer. One day, he receives three princesses from Tortinia. His eyes slightly shines, suggesting a change in his fate....

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