Happy Lesson

Happy Lesson
TitleHappy Lesson
DeveloperFupac Co., Ltd.
Publishers Datam Polystar
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[DB-ANN] Happy Lesson (2002) (2002)


An newly orphaned child enters a dormitory filled with amiable women and in the process, gains five new mothers and doting teachers. The routine of life revolves around the dynamics of interaction between you and your new caretakers who work in different careers and wield specific skills which they can teach you.

Satsuki works as a physical education advisor, excels at sports and looks the part with an athletic build. Yayoi works in the university medical department and Uzuki advises you on the fine arts. Two other mother figures teach you about chemistry and literature. A girl named Minazuki who also lives in the dorm gets a tad jealous of all the attention you get and acts as a sort of rival for the affections of the teachers. Happy Lesson plays in the style of an interaction game where the feelings of the other characters are affected by your actions and conversational abilities. Be the good son and you'll be on easy street but behave badly and face the whip.



2001-04-26  Happy LessonNon-freeCommercial  
2002-10-17  Happy Lesson (DreKore)Non-freeCommercial1 GD-ROM  


Character summary

Main character Gokajou Satsuki
Voiced by Sasajima Kahoru
Main character Ichimonji Mutsuki
Voiced by Asano Ruri
Main character Ninomai Kisaragi
Voiced by Kimura Akiko
Main character Sanzein Yayoi
Voiced by Inoue Kikuko
Main character Shitennou Uzuki
Voiced by Koyama Kimiko
Side character Nanakorobi Fumitsuki
Voiced by Shima Ryouka
Side character Rokumatsuri Minazuki
Voiced by Mizuki Nana

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