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Ren'ai Sengoku Romanesque ~Kagemushahime wa Unmei o Ayanasu~

恋愛戦国ロマネスク ~影武者姫は運命をあやなす~

恋愛戦国ロマネスク ~影武者姫は運命をあやなす~
Ren'ai Sengoku Romanesque ~Kagemushahime wa Unmei o Ayanasu~
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperFuRyu Corporation
PublishersFuRyu Corporation


Beyond the steam was Nobunaga Oda.

You slipped back in time during the strange Warring States period, when Nobunaga Oda, who was about to unify the world, was pushed by Shingen Takeda, who should have died in history. Nobunaga, who was looking for a plan for rejuvenation, came up with a "strategy" when he met you. It is to create a fictitious existence, "Female Nobunaga". And he chose you for the plot!

War, plot, and love. This encounter will change your destiny!


Japanese (1)
2021-09-30Ren'ai Sengoku Romanesque ~Kagemushahime wa Unmei o Ayanasu~

Full character list

Character summary

Uesugi KenshinMain character
Katou KiyomasaMain character
Voiced by Chiba Shouya
Tokugawa IeyasuMain character
Voiced by Saitou Souma
Saitou DouzanMain character
Voiced by Hatano Wataru
Akechi MitsuhideMain character
Voiced by Itou Kento
Tachibana YaMain character
Takeda ShingenMain character
Asai NagamasaMain character
Sanada YukimuraMain character
Voiced by Ishiya Haruki
Oda NobunagaMain character
Voiced by Suzuki Ryouta
Toyotomi HideyoshiMain character
Voiced by Ono Yuuki
Chousokabe MotochikaMain character
Voiced by Ishikawa Kaito
Saika MagoichiMain character
Voiced by Hama Kento
Kurota KanbeiMain character
Voiced by Komada Wataru

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