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r16853.42019-09-13 at 09:24multiTaimanin Asagi Premium Box - Package EditionAutomatic import of EGS links based on title (prefix) and release date. See t12755.51
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r16853.22019-07-21 at 14:51foiegrasTaimanin Asagi Premium Box - Package EditionAdd engine
r64644.52019-07-02 at 00:55eacilTaimanin Asagi Premium Boximportant info about release
r64644.42019-07-01 at 15:13beliarTaimanin Asagi Premium BoxRattan Man didn't re-translate the games and scenarios that were already translated by the other two groups, so they should also be credited as
r64644.32019-07-01 at 09:10ac728Taimanin Asagi Premium BoxEdit
r64644.22019-07-01 at 09:07ac728Taimanin Asagi Premium BoxEdit
r64644.12019-07-01 at 09:06ac728Taimanin Asagi Premium BoxNew release based on r16853.1
r59917.62018-12-05 at 07:47[deleted]Taimanin Asagi Premium Box - Package Editioncanceled link
r41231.22018-12-05 at 07:45[deleted]Lilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~links
r59829.112018-10-23 at 15:45foxdaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~patch in Spanish
r59917.52018-10-05 at 23:25terios121Taimanin Asagi Premium Box - Package Edition...
r59917.42018-10-03 at 10:07terios121Taimanin Asagi Premium Box - Package Edition..
r59917.32018-10-03 at 04:31dankruger95Taimanin Asagi Premium Box - Package Editionpatch compete spanish
r59917.22018-09-29 at 06:09dankruger95Taimanin Asagi Premium Box - Package Editionpatch route asagi complete
r59829.102018-09-29 at 06:09foxdaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~patches in Spanish
r59917.12018-09-29 at 06:06dankruger95Taimanin Asagi Premium Box - Package Editionpatch compete spanish
r59829.92018-09-25 at 16:50foxdaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Lilith-Izm04-Spanish version
r59829.82018-09-25 at 16:49foxdaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Lilith-Izm04-Spanish version
r59829.72018-09-25 at 16:48foxdaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Lilith-Izm04-Spanish version
r59829.62018-09-25 at 16:46foxdaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Lilith-Izm04-Spanish version
r59829.52018-09-25 at 16:44terios121Lilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Unnoficial patch releases Does not have Original titles.
r59829.42018-09-25 at 16:43foxdaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Lilith-Izm04-Spanish version
r59829.32018-09-25 at 16:39foxdaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Lilith-Izm04-Spanish version
r59829.22018-09-25 at 16:34terios121Lilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Some fixes.
r59829.12018-09-25 at 16:34foxdaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Lilith-Izm04-Spanish version
v3235.182016-09-25 at 13:56skorpiondeathLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~cover without copyright logo
r41231.12015-07-02 at 04:12dk382Lilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~new patch
v3235.172015-06-27 at 20:06skorpiondeathLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~add staff
v3235.162015-03-28 at 03:58skorpiondeathLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~added artist
v3235.152015-03-26 at 17:28skorpiondeathLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~added artist
v3235.142015-03-23 at 21:05skorpiondeathLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~added cast
v3235.132015-03-23 at 21:00skorpiondeathLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~reorganized description and fixed description link, added cast, staff
v3235.122015-02-14 at 02:25wakaranaiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~staff notes
v3235.112015-02-12 at 18:40beliarLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~correct entry
v3235.102015-02-03 at 00:05conduitLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Artist + Scenario + Cast. Requires: Artists: SASAYUKi (Isuka segment) , 龍炎狼牙 (Subaru segment)
v3235.92015-02-02 at 07:38conduitLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~fix
v3235.82015-02-02 at 07:34conduitLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~cast +1
v3235.72015-02-02 at 07:32conduitLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~more cast
v3235.62013-07-20 at 07:30davidlu9837Lilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~added length
r16853.12011-11-03 at 11:18eyelessTaimanin Asagi Premium Box - Package EditionAdded release. getchu link
v3235.52011-10-03 at 10:10partizan14Lilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~relation with Taimanin Murasaki added
v3235.42011-09-23 at 10:34partizan14Lilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Alias + Description
v3235.32011-02-26 at 17:03yorhelLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~screenshots
v3235.22010-09-18 at 08:37multiLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~Reverse relation update caused by revision v5261.1
r6325.12010-01-16 at 15:44eyelessLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~ Package Editionadded release. getchu link
r6324.12010-01-16 at 15:43eyelessLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~ Download Editionadded release
v3235.12010-01-16 at 15:40eyelessLilith-Izm04 ~Kasshoku Hen~added