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v324.312017-01-17 at 21:27wakaranaiExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~cast
v324.302016-03-18 at 04:24multiExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Reverse relation update caused by revision v19128.1
v324.292015-04-14 at 05:22necrofantasiaExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~median is 30 hours on egs and since japanese isn't the first language for most of us here it'll likely take longer
v324.282015-03-11 at 18:09yoxallExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~staff
v324.272015-03-10 at 13:18yoxallExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~staff
v324.262015-02-26 at 20:51traumatizerExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~fix & cast
v324.252015-01-29 at 09:05eacilExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Aaaaaaand... script!
v324.242015-01-29 at 05:41wakaranaiExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~drop this "scenario and script" thing before it became a habit.
v324.232015-01-29 at 05:36eacilExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~And no, graphic direction is not the same as original picture.
v324.222015-01-29 at 03:57eacilExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~staff linked
v324.212015-01-29 at 03:56eacilExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~staff linked
v324.202013-08-07 at 07:17shinnewExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Several characters from Mushitsukai are also in Extravaganza and the plot is the basis for one of Extravaganza's chapters. "Alternative version
v324.192013-08-06 at 20:46multiExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Reverse relation update caused by revision v10708.5
v324.182013-08-06 at 20:36belucreExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Has no direct or official relation to the game.
v324.172013-08-06 at 20:36multiExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Reverse relation update caused by revision v10708.4
v324.162013-05-07 at 20:42multiExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Reverse relation update caused by revision v10708.3
v324.152012-02-18 at 18:06shinnewExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Fixed relation to Mushitsukai. Mushitsukai is more like a prototype of Extravaganza. The setting, several characters and parts of the plot are used
v324.142011-08-12 at 01:49cyberfreakExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Added English title translation
v324.132011-02-18 at 03:19izmosmolnarExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~needed screenshots from past the prologue too.
v324.122011-02-13 at 13:03izmosmolnarExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~one word change
v324.112011-02-10 at 22:14izmosmolnarExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~ops, it's not night actually
v324.102011-02-10 at 20:17izmosmolnarExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~that synopsis was a pile of shit before
v324.92010-11-17 at 01:21invadestellarExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~screen1
v324.82010-01-23 at 12:52chikanExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~screenshots
v324.72009-11-20 at 12:02multiExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~Reverse relation update caused by revision v2323.2
v324.62009-08-07 at 02:34eyelessExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~changed cover
v324.52009-08-07 at 02:28eyelessExtravaganza ~Mushi Mederu Shoujo~title + erogeshop
v324.42009-07-31 at 20:56multiExtravaganzaReverse relation update caused by revision v1518.6
v324.32009-07-26 at 13:49multiExtravaganzaReverse relation update caused by revision v2322.1
v324.22008-07-12 at 08:22nacchiExtravaganza- Updated categories
v324.12008-03-17 at 16:12echomateriaExtravaganza