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Our main character is a former music sensation who has recently fallen out of popularity due to a lack of motivation. Just as he’s dwindling out of relevance, he runs into a feisty little girl named Sayaka. Along with her, he’s introduced to several characters new and old.

This is when an opportunity presents itself. Auri, a rising popstar and childhood friend, is trying to build her own record label after having disagreements with her last label. The main character, along with Sayaka, Auri, Lee and Grace, group together to help each other and create a record label!

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English (1)
2021-09-29Heartbeats - Demo

Full character list

Character summary

Auri HiranoMain character
Voiced by Sandrine Price
Grace SatoMain character
Lee TakadaMain character
Voiced by Ariana Rosario
Sayaka KaneshiroMain character
JohnnySide character
Voiced by Alex Clancy

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