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The Inn Between

The Inn Between
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperCats on a Lilypad Studios
PublishersCats on a Lilypad Studios & Astralis


Our story starts with Myka Riley, a university graduate and barista.

Just a normal guy...

A normal guy that can't remember his childhood, whose aunt refuses to talk about their family and who carries around a sketch book full of weird and wonderful creatures he just happens to know the faces of.

A totally... normal... guy....

Things start to change for Myka when he receives a mysterious phone call connecting him to his missing past.

A world which he believed could have only existed in fairy tails begins to blossom before him, awakening within him things long hidden.

Myka's visit to the mysterious Magnus Inn will change his life forever.

In more ways than one.

[From Steam]


English (3)
2021-10-08The Inn Between - Demo
2021-10-29The Inn Between - Demo
2024The Inn Between


Full character list

Character summary

Myka RileyProtagonist
EmrysMain character
Voiced by Michael Kovach
JinMain character
Voiced by Trent Martin
Leonardo AddyMain character
Voiced by Patrick Mealey
SolasMain character
Aunt CarolineSide character
Voiced by Sandrine Price
Merry TuckerSide character
Voiced by Amy O'Grady
Thomas TuckerSide character
Voiced by June Yoon

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