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Shepherd's Game

TitleShepherd's Game


A choose-your-own-adventure style visual novel about seven people who are abducted and wake up to find themselves in a strange and unfamiliar facility. To their horror, a man calling himself "Shepherd" appears, and they soon learn they will be forced to play a sadistic game with their lives on the line.

They are split into two teams - wolves and sheep. The wolves must kill a single person each night, and the sheep will hold a majority vote every morning to execute a single person suspected of being a wolf. The game ends when only one team remains.

At first, the group is hopeful that they can find a way out without anyone having to die. However, it soon becomes apparent that not everyone can be trusted, and that there is a vicious psychopath among them who will stop at nothing in order to win.

It will be up to the player to make the right choices, solve the mysteries of the facility, and ultimately find a way to escape. Your choices will have consequences that heavily impact the outcome of the story, and will determine who lives and dies by the end.



English (2)
2022Shepherd's Game
TBAShepherd's Game


Full character list

Character summary

Yuuji TanakaProtagonist
Akaza MorishigeMain character
Chris RedfieldMain character
Himeko FujiwaraMain character
Jen HanamuraMain character
Kon MichizakiMain character
Reena SeibonMain character
HanaSide character
ShepherdSide character

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Shepherd's Game

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