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Game S.S.D.S. ~Setsuna no Akogare~

GAME S.S.D.S. ~刹那の英雄~

TitleGame S.S.D.S. ~Setsuna no Akogare~
Original titleGAME S.S.D.S. ~刹那の英雄~
AliasesGAME S.S.D.S. ~Super Stylish Doctors Story~
DeveloperSTACK software
PublishersSTACK software


The setting takes place within the world's finest medical facility, The JOY Zaburo Memorial: St. Laforet Hospital — A place where the stylish of all stylish doctors (lady doctors included) from all corners of the world provide the best medical care to their patients with love and JOY!

Officially named as "S.S.D.S.~ Super Stylish Doctors Story~", S.S.D.S. is an "on-and-off-going" multimedia franchise that started it's run in year 2003, focusing primarily on Drama CDs, and live stage performances.

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Japanese (1)
2005-05-2012+GAME S.S.D.S. ~Setsuna no Akogare~


Full character list

Character summary

Dr. HayamiMain character
Voiced by Hayami Shou
Kimijima KiwamuMain character
Voiced by Hiyama Nobuyuki
Michael SchmeyerMain character
Nitta KazutoMain character
Voiced by Seki Toshihiko
Sawanobori TatsuyaMain character
Ayashi ISide character
Ayashi IISide character
Ayashi ⅢSide character
Joy ZaburouSide character
Voiced by Kamiya Akira
KERO☆YUKISide character
Voiced by Fukuyama Jun
Kusaka Shin'ichirouSide character
Voiced by Chiba Susumu
Naka KazuoSide character
Voiced by Naka Hiroshi
Sodemakuri IchirouSide character

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GAME S.S.D.S. ~Setsuna no Akogare~

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