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Ursine Science

Ursine Science
AliasesUrsine Science: Misanthropic Principle, The Enonoia Saga: Part II
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperAmorous Ursidae
PublishersAmorous Ursidae
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In the city of Enonoia, injustice and crime run only as rife as inequality and repression. Once leading a comfortable youth, Koraki Mavrosa learns firsthand that society is not as it appears. She is left to wander treacherous ground after her family is abducted by the city's authoritative force: the Master Order Trained Hire.

In Koraki's interference, she discovers secret technology with which she causes a wild grizzly bear to transform into a man before her very eyes. With nothing left to lose, she harnesses the strength of the silent man she calls Arkuma, who unleashes his wild nature upon revealing he's on no better terms with the police.

The girl's wish for peace and the beast's disdain for her kind clash as they join forces to topple the institution that wronged them. Can these ideals persist and coexist, or will Koraki and Arkuma's revolution spread even more corruption in its wake?

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English (2)
2021-12-1913+Ursine Science (Demo Ver.)
2022-12-2713+Ursine Science


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Koraki MavrosaProtagonist
Erika CallistoMain character
General RocioMain character
MoisheMain character

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Ursine Science

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