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CreditsAkasa Ai [Character design]
Usuda Yuujirou [Director] [Producer/Planner]
Linkedbrain Inc. [Scenario]
Akasa Ai [Character design]
Usuda Yuujirou [Staff] [Producer/Planner]
Linkedbrain Inc. [Scenario]

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NinNinDays 2


TitleNinNinDays 2
Original titleにんにんでいず2


A young man is dazing off while working the night shift at a convenience store, when a girl stops in to ask for a meat bun. The one next to her appears to be her boyfriend, and after doing their shopping, the two of them link arms affectionately and take off. Just when the young man is thinking how nice it would be to have a girlfriend, a pair of girls in ninja cosplay show up.

The girls just stare at the shop goods without buying anything in particular. Even worse, they're even chatting about ninja techniques or something along those lines. When he calls out to them to prevent theft, it becomes apparent that they have no money.

Despite suspecting that they might try to steal something, he gives in and buys a bento for the two desperately pleading girls.

The life of that young man is turned upside down from the moment of his encounter with the two young women.

A roommate life with two female ninja, one a Chuunibyou, and the other a fanservice machine, is about to begin?! And so begins a new love story with two ninja girls!

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2021-11-1816+NinNinDays 2
English (1)
2021-11-1816+NinNinDays 2
Chinese (1)
2021-11-1816+NinNinDays 2


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    KikyouMain character
    Voiced by Nohara Yuuka
    SumireMain character
    Voiced by Onoyama Mika
    SuzuranMain character
    Voiced by Sazanami Suzu

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