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My Plus One

My Plus One
Play timeVery short (< 2 hours)


Your brother, Butch, announces he’s getting married! It’s an exciting time, and you should be happy, but your entire family is asking if you’ll bring a special someone as your plus one. They don’t know that the only romance you’ve had are marathons of romantic comedies religiously binge. Stupidly, you tell them that you’ll bring your significant other. You’d be happy to! Fast forward 10 months, you’re no closer to getting a new boo and you have a month to RSVP. You need to find someone now!

That week, you find not one but three potential hotties to impress the family! There’s the smart cheerleader, Brick; the knitting bad boy, River; and the not-so-talented amateur magician, Ronnie. After deciding on one of them to be the unlucky soul to romance, you try to talk to them after class.

For the next few days, you flirt, do some light stalking, and eventually ask them out! It's a bumpy road for a rom com nerd, but you got this, right?



English (1)
2021-12-17My Plus One


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