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v3307.252018-03-11 at 06:31ryotoMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-Added Akio Watanabe for OP animation, as credited in the opening itself.
v3307.242016-11-21 at 14:18varioMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-staff
v3307.232016-02-15 at 20:21beliarMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-Reverted to revision v3307.21 Actually, weilai, I see nothing wrong with Chipp's edit and it's informative. Better to have the info than to be
v3307.222016-02-15 at 20:09weilaiMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-not need..
v3307.212016-02-15 at 20:02chipp12Makai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-So, uh, what's wrong with having the explanation about the part he has written for this game?
v3307.202016-02-15 at 19:56weilaiMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-...
v3307.192016-02-15 at 19:49chipp12Makai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-信じられんかもしれんが「魔界天使ジブリール4」の陵辱エロの約半分を書いてるぜ!
v3307.182016-02-12 at 13:25traumatizerMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-hmm
v3307.172016-02-12 at 13:25traumatizerMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-desc
v3307.162016-02-12 at 13:13weilaiMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-..
v3307.152016-02-12 at 13:13weilaiMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-..
v3307.142016-01-17 at 20:06traumatizerMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-staff note, desc
v3307.132015-10-30 at 23:29varioMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-staff
v3307.122015-05-13 at 05:23wakaranaiMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-staff
v3307.112015-04-17 at 22:47djibrilMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-seiyu
v3307.102015-04-17 at 22:46djibrilMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-seiyu added?
v3307.92015-01-29 at 16:42shinnewMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-Writer.
v3307.82014-05-09 at 08:48slv76Makai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-Alter title
v3307.72012-07-13 at 21:24len-Makai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-Relations.
v3307.62011-04-16 at 22:35multiMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-Reverse relation update caused by revision v760.14
v3307.52011-04-16 at 19:53multiMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-Reverse relation update caused by revision v760.12
v3307.42010-05-03 at 23:17ofenMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-add other tittles
v3307.32010-04-02 at 16:34eyelessMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-missed character
v3307.22010-04-02 at 07:11izmosmolnarMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-epix story
v3307.12010-01-26 at 08:12hakuMakai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 4-added vn. getchu