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Inga Ouhou: Murderous Plaza


Inga Ouhou: Murderous Plaza
AliasesJust Deserts: Murderous Plaza
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown


Everyone harbours a serial killer deep down.

New job. Old town. All the people living in your new apartment block are serial killers. Serial killers x The signs of the zodiac x A new beginning. A jolly & wacky revenge drama VN.

The year is 2021, a turbulent time. The world is ravaged by a pandemic, new laws and orders spawn. The protagonist of this tale, a member of an obscure underground idol group, decides to leave the entertainment industry to become a full-fledged member of society. The goal: independence. Overcome with workplace trouble and reports of suspicious folks, she struggles to find value in city life.

Drained both physically and mentally, and sleepless nights withstanding, she manages to escape her company. While looking for a peaceful place to rent, she comes across a fine establishment, the Red Rum Plaza.

‘I heard that if you kill the god who killed the goddess, any of your wishes will be granted.’ …Such are the sort of childish fairy tales often told in the countryside. Home, a precious shithole with no skyscrapers in sight. This is where our protagonist finds herself.

An apartment block in such good conditions was bound to look suspicious, but not a single stain could be found on both the building and its history. She hits it off with the friendly administrator, Hinome Rum and decides to stay here in light of the affordable rent and pleasant environment. After greeting the other residents and finding a new job, our protagonist is to finally enjoy a peaceful night...

That is, until she sees Hinome Rum committing murder.

[Traken from Tumblr.]


Japanese (1)
202312+Inga Ouhou: Murderous Plaza


Full character list

Character summary

Nogiwa HotaruProtagonist
Akari AtelierMain character
Voiced by Oozono Yuno
Baphomet YoldaMain character
Voiced by Kinoshita Alvin
Hinome RumMain character
Voiced by Kudou Reiji
Ibaragi KatsuhaMain character
Voiced by Kasuya Daisuke
Ichibakari TomaMain character
Voiced by Kaburagi Makoto
Iega HydraMain character
Voiced by Shigure Nao
Nico PaprikaMain character
Voiced by Asou Shuuya
Reidei LivMain character
Voiced by Hanayura Kanon
Ruiruigasa IkoiMain character
Voiced by Suzuran Yuuki
Shirayuki PinnoMain character
Voiced by Okada Takayuki
Shishishiki GiraMain character
Voiced by Sano Yuuri
Ushirushi MitsubaMain character
Voiced by Asakura Sumio
Funazawa SujiSide character
Voiced by Togai Sakato
‘GOD’Side character
Voiced by Natsuki Enai
Hanashinome EijiSide character
Voiced by Roi
Kourakuji SanaSide character
Voiced by Takamine Nitto
Yoshiyama SeijuSide character
Voiced by Takatori Reiji

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