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Ace of Gifts

Ace of Gifts
AliasesHoliday Market
Play timeVery short (41m from 2 votes)
DeveloperGray Lofi
PublishersGray Lofi


It's a cold December afternoon, and Sophie has just received an out-of-nowhere text from her girlfriend, Annette, inviting her to the seasonal holiday market. Sophie's elated to attend, but can't help but be a bit worried. Usually, these sort of dates mean that Annette has something on her mind...

Ace of Gifts is a visual novel about a date between girlfriends. Visit the various stalls at the city's annual holiday market, browse the products and balk at the prices. In between stalls, the couple discuss their relationship, as well as the obligations and expectations of family over the holidays.



English (1)
2021-12-01Ace of Gifts

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Ace of Gifts

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