尋問姦 -じんもんかん-

Original title尋問姦 -じんもんかん-
Publishers AiCherry & Deeper & Ex12


Lingas is a country 5 years after defeat in the war. The population reluctantly accepts the defeat, but military police still sets raids deal with terrorism and riots. Main character is a head of one such unit. One day squad gets attacked by rebel organization leading to numerous casualties. Protagonist soon finds the leader - it's the journalist woman. He has three weeks to get evidence from her.

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Side character

Hildegard Muller
Hildegard Mullerヒルデガード=ミュラー 
AliasesHilda, ヒルダ
Hair, Black
Eyes, Brown
Clothes, Military Uniform
Role, Comrade
Engages in, Sadism
Voiced byEnomoto Minamo