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¡¡Los exes atacan!!

¡¡Los exes atacan!!Safe / Tame (14)
3 covers
¡¡Los exes atacan!!
Els ex ataquen!!
Exes Assault!!
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperErtal Games
PublishersErtal Games


Jorge is kind of a dick, but now he's forced by circumstances to act like a responsible adult. So he finds a good job in a multinational company, which he's really happy about... until he finds out that he will have to work with four of his exes!

In this romantic comedy in an office setting, you'll help Jorge interact with his exes on a daily basis, while trying to clean his karma and make up for all the crap he used to do to them.

[From Steam]


Spanish (6)
2021-11-2618+¡¡Los exes atacan!! - NSFW Demo
2021-11-26¡¡Los exes atacan!! - SFW Demo
2022-01-19¡¡Los exes atacan!! - Steam Demo (drm-free)
2023-02-22¡¡Los exes atacan!! - SFW Demo
2023-02-22¡¡Los exes atacan!! - Steam Demo (drm-free)
TBA¡¡Los exes atacan!!
English (8)
2021-11-2618+Exes Assault!! - NSFW Demo
2021-11-26Exes Assault!! - SFW Demo
2022-01-19Exes Assault!! - Steam Demo (drm-free)
2023-02-22Exes Assault!! - SFW Demo
2023-02-22Exes Assault!! - Steam Demo (drm-free)
2024-05-20Exes Assault!! - SFW Early Access
2024-06-0918+Exes Assault!! - NSFW Early Access
2024-06-1518+Exes Assault!! - Steam Early Access
Catalan (3)
2023-02-22Els ex ataquen!! - SFW Demo
2023-02-22Els ex ataquen!! - Steam Demo (drm-free)
TBAEls ex ataquen!!


  • Director
  • ErtalProject Manager and Script
  • Composer
  • CafofoMusic and SFX
  • Director
  • ErtalProject Manager and Script

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George AriasProtagonist
Gabriel MillerMain character
Ivaan AgarwalMain character
Jacob ReyesMain character
Kevin JonesMain character

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