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Heart Sigil Elchemia

Heart Sigil ElchemiaSafe / Tame (14)
Heart Sigil Elchemia
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
Same setting

Yrsa Major


In a world of alchemy, elementals called ishim live alongside humans as partners. But in the city of Lavin, something is turning ishim into maddened monsters.

Seeking a cure as the alchemist Risu, you find yourself with four odd allies: a childhood friend, a respected professor, an ice-cold soldier, and a spirited ishim. But the closer you and your chosen partner get to the truth and to each other, the closer your pasts loom, and some truths should never be faced alone...

With the help of others, will you finally be able to open your heart again?

Or will you turn away and let everything burn?



English (2)
2022-01-21Heart Sigil Elchemia - Demo
2022-01-21Heart Sigil Elchemia - Demo

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