Saimin Seikatsu ~Kousoku Dakara Shikatanai!?~


Saimin Seikatsu ~Kousoku Dakara Shikatanai!?~
TitleSaimin Seikatsu ~Kousoku Dakara Shikatanai!?~
Original title催眠生活~校則だから仕方ない!?~
DeveloperC: drive.
Publishers AiCherry & C: drive. & Palace
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Hayato moves back to the town he used to live in after nine years away. Upon arriving, he meets his childhood friend, Tatsumi Makino. When he arrives to his school, he finds that she has painted the school building with a message welcoming him back. It seems that over the past years she has become known for causing trouble like this, and is called Tatsumaki (Tornado) because of it.

Hayato agrees to try to get Makino to stop causing trouble, and fortunately he has a plan--he will hypnotise her! He pulls her into the broadcasting room and tries it, but it seems not to work. However, the broadcasting equipment was accidentally turned on at the time, and everyone else in the school was hypnotized...

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