Usaneko ~Mimikko Meido no Ongaeshi~

うさねこ ~みみっ娘メイドの恩返し~

Usaneko ~Mimikko Meido no Ongaeshi~
TitleUsaneko ~Mimikko Meido no Ongaeshi~
Original titleうさねこ ~みみっ娘メイドの恩返し~
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers Luchs


Yuuya, your classic Japanese Student Living Alone, assists a cat and a rabbit in their moment of need, and two days later he receives a visit from two beautiful maids sporting cat and rabbit ears and offering their free services for two months.
Admit it, you already know the rest...

[Adapted from a forum post by Baldo]

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