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Ten ni Takaku Chi ni Fukaku


TitleTen ni Takaku Chi ni Fukaku
Original title天に高く地に深く


Tokyo, 2019.
After the earthquake city decays, and capital gets transferred. In the empty streets there is a 150 meters height skyscraper that stays unmanned. Eight young people get an invitation to gather in this unique location. Somehow, they decide to stay here. Why do they choose something that has lost its meaning?

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Japanese (2)
2004-12-08Ten ni Takaku Chi ni Fukaku Trial
2005-03-21All agesTen ni Takaku Chi ni Fukaku


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Character summary

Aida MegumiMain character
Arai YouheiMain character
Hayami YuuMain character
Kusugi RyoutaMain character
Sasai TakutoMain character
Sendou ChinatsuMain character
Shimanagi YuukiMain character
Takashima SaoriMain character
Aida HiroshiSide character

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Ten ni Takaku Chi ni Fukaku Trial

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