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Peng Ran Xing Dong


Peng Ran Xing Dong
Flipped in Love
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A journey for the truth, a story buried for years... Being a celebrity may look like fun and sun on the outside, but behind it all are endless secrets. Your life should have ended 5 years ago, but you have miraculously been granted a second chance.

From A-List celebrity to fresh newbie, the entertainment industry has become so much more different and dangerous than the way you knew it. Luckily, you are not alone: helpful friends, partners in the industry and four guys that change your life forever. You might think yourself lucky for getting it all, But the truth is... you’ve lost even more. When the truth is revealed, who will be the one you fight for?

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Chinese (traditional) (1)
2020Peng Ran Xing Dong
Chinese (simplified) (1)
2020Peng Ran Xing Dong
English (1)
2021-01Flipped in Love
Vietnamese (1)
2021-04Ngôi Sao Lấp Lánh

Full character list

Character summary

Guan CunMain character
Voiced by Xuxu Diandeng
Gu XingshengMain character
Voiced by Luo Su
Xia MuMain character
Voiced by Chen Shuo
Yan YichiMain character
Voiced by Jiang Sheng
Gu YiSide character
LinSide character
Li WuSide character
Pan PanSide character
XiaoyuSide character

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