Houkago wa Gin no Shirabe


Houkago wa Gin no Shirabe
TitleHoukago wa Gin no Shirabe
Original title放課後は白銀の調べ
AliasesHoukago wa Hakugin no Shirabe
DeveloperFupac Co., Ltd.
Publishers Dimple
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Kaname is from a monster hunting family and she is a monster hunter as well. One day, she is offered to investigate a private high school since various mysterious accidents have happened there. She accepts it, but there is one big problem. Actually, it is a boys' high school. She disguises herself as a boy and somehow gets along with her classmates. Yes, case closed.... No! She needs to solve the mystery!

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Kagurazaka Kaname
Kagurazaka Kaname神楽坂 要 O
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm
Birthday15 August
Hair, Brown, Shoulder-length, Side Tail
Eyes, Brown
Body, Reverse-trap, Teen
Clothes, School Uniform
Role, Exorcist, High School Student, School Sports Club Member
Engages in, Cross-dressing, Kendo


17 years old.
Hobby: Nothing in Particular
2nd year high school student, part of the kendo club.
She was born into a family of "Exorcists" who make their livelihood by driving away apparitions.
She holds those skills because from a young age she helped in the family business (Exterminating Monsters).
She has a bright and friendly personality, and she associates with everyone on an equal level.

Main characters

Abe Tadayoshi
Abe Tadayoshi安倍 忠義 O
MeasurementsHeight: 184cm, Weight: 85kg
Birthday4 June
Hair, Brown, Short, Stubble
Eyes, Brown
Body, Adult, Tall
Personality, Strict
Role, Teacher
Engages in, Drinking
Voiced byItou Kentarou


37 years old.
Hobby: Raising Ferrets
A social studies teacher who transferred to the school in spring.
From the start it seems like he really isn't that motivated, and from the way he speaks it's doubtful whether he really cares about his students.
However despite the complaining, he's surprisingly helpful, His reputation with the students raises to "He's strict but reasonable".
He's the protagonist's homeroom teacher, his subjects are classic literature and Japanese history.

Hyoudou Touma
Hyoudou Touma兵頭 十馬 A
MeasurementsHeight: 181cm, Weight: 76kg
Birthday18 April
Hair, Black, Crew Cut, Short
Eyes, Black
Body, Tall, Teen
Clothes, School Uniform
Personality, Energetic, Hotblooded
Role, Classmate, High School Student, School Kendo Club Member
Engages in, Kendo, Sports
Voiced byTaniyama Kishou


17 years old.
Hobby: Bicycling
2nd year high school student, part of the kendo club.
A boy who enrolled in classes at about the same time Kaname transferred in.
He is charmed by the protagonist's sword arm when she beat up some upperclassmen shortly after transferring, so he forcefully tries to get her to join the kendo club.
He doesn't sweat the small stuff, an efficient true Tokyoite type.
He's above average when contesting most sports, but for some reason his win-loss record in kendo is unfavorable.

Izumi Yuuto
Izumi Yuuto和泉 悠斗 AB
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm, Weight: 48kg
Birthday15 February
Hair, Blond, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Short, Teen
Clothes, School Uniform
Personality, Ore-sama
Role, Classmate, High School Student, School Kendo Club Member
Engages in, Kendo
Voiced byKakihara Tetsuya


16 years old.
Hobby: Skateboarding
2nd year high school student, part of the kendo club.
Despite his appearance he has a pompous "ore-sama" personality.
Because of his three main traits, "Hates losing", "Loves trouble", and "Quick to conflict", he is always getting wrapped up in messes.
Despite his physique his winning percentage in kendo is something to be boasted about, but when he's against an opponent with a good physique he is easily overmatched. In a lot of ways he loses because of his physique.

Kuzunoha Ren
Kuzunoha Ren葛葉 漣 AB
MeasurementsHeight: 178cm, Weight: 61kg
Birthday9 July
Hair, Grey, Short
Eyes, Blue
Body, Teen
Clothes, School Uniform
Personality, Mysterious
Role, High School Student
Voiced byMiyata Kouki


17 years old.
Hobby: Making Accessories
2nd year high school student, not in any clubs.
A mysterious handsome youth with silver hair and blue eyes.
He's famous around the school for his appearance and his unique way of speaking.
Despite his reputation for being a womanizer he doesn't seem to have deep connections with anyone.
He's somehow interested in the protagonist and occasionally flirts with her.

Mishiro Takaya
Mishiro Takaya御代 天也 A
MeasurementsHeight: 175cm, Weight: 58kg
Birthday6 June
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Black
Body, Teen
Clothes, Glasses, School Uniform
Role, High School Student, Student Council President
Voiced byHiyama Nobuyuki


17 years old.
Hobby: Making Bottle Ships
2nd year high school student. President of the student council.
A cool and collected person who has a sharp atmosphere about him.
A pragmatist who thinks efficiency is the most important thing. Even the teachers rely on him because of his great business skills.
On the other hand, because his strict business-like behavior makes him stand out he puts distance between himself and his surroundings.

Side character

Kusaka Ayano
Kusaka Ayano日下 綾乃 A
MeasurementsHeight: 161cm
Birthday19 December
Hair, Braid, Claret, Waist Length+
Eyes, Brown
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Lab Coat
Role, Mentor, School Nurse
Voiced byToyoguchi Megumi


Hobby: Antique Shopping
In order to support Kaname's investigation she concealed herself in the school by acting as the school nurse.
With her good looks and refreshing personality she gained great support within the school.
A helpful person in public and private, she's like a big sister to the protagonist.