Harem & Harem


TitleHarem & Harem
Original titleハーレム&ハーレム
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperArk Shell
Publishers Dennou Club & Unicorn-A
Same series
Idol Harem
Tottemo Harem


One day, the main character's father tells him "If you want to inherit my property, complete this test!". He is given a small cafeteria and an apartment and gets out of his house. The condition to come back to his house is to run the cafeteria for one year and graduate his school at the same time. He is given money to run his cafeteria for a while but he needs to pay rent for his apartment, cafeteria and expenses. Also, he needs to hire waitresses by himself. The last condition given from his father is to find a woman who loves him regardless of money and power...

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Main characters