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Paradise Lost

로스트 파라다이스

로스트 파라다이스
Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost
Paraíso Perdido
Paradise Lost
Потерянный рай
Poteryannyy Ray
Phā rā dịs̒lxs̄t̒
Kayıp Cennet
Paradise Lost
Shīluò tiāntáng
AliasesParadise Lost: Otome Game
Play timeMedium (10h56m from 1 votes)
DeveloperSogon Labs
PublishersSogon Labs & Buff Studio
Buff Studio


A journey felt sweet like a dream. However, a storm suddenly blew up…. The reeling ship eventually swept away by the waves and overturned. The main character, who had been drifted, opens her eyes and sees the clear blue sky of an island that does not exist on the map…. and the six unfamiliar faces that calling her name and approaching!

“E..Excuse me. Can we just talk for a minute?!”

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