UVAO Forever

UVAO Forever
TitleUVAO Forever
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperErogame Project
Publishers Erogame Project
 Erogame Project
 Erogame Project
Alternative version
[unofficial] UVAO Project 2017 Rebuild
Shares characters
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The Christmas is coming, but there's nobody waiting me, nobody to have fun with, nobody to celebrate with...

I walked to the MacDuck's near my home, and prepared to kill my stomach, but... suddenly I've found a female cap, which was lonely lying on the floor. And then I've noticed something unusual about it - the cap has 2 openings on the top, as if the owner was a kemonomimikko. I'll have to return this lost thing to it's owner! Looks like she was moving towards the park, but... how in the world I'm gonna find her, the park is one god damn maze!?

Main character