Immoral Study Scenario 3: Asakura Manami

インモラルスタディ シナリオ3 朝倉まなみ

Immoral Study Scenario 3: Asakura Manami
TitleImmoral Study Scenario 3: Asakura Manami
Original titleインモラルスタディ シナリオ3 朝倉まなみ
AliasesImmoral Study: Scenario 3, Immoral Study Scenario 3: Manami Asakura, インモラルスタディ3 朝倉まなみ
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)
Publishers Scoop & The Asenheim Project
 The Asenheim Project
 The Asenheim Project
Immoral Study Scenario 2: Iijima Yuka


The third scenario of Immoral Study describes yet another somewhat unusual teaching experience in the life of Mr. Hitosuji, a young and handsome private tutor. This time, the victim... err... pupil is Asakura Manami, a shy, quiet girl who lives together with her mother. Hitosuji is supposed to make Manami a better student - but instead he chooses to participate in S&M relationship between mother and daughter...

[From Moby Games]

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