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Kiss/OFFSafe / Tame (14)
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperShark and Pelican Games
PublishersShark and Pelican Games


The Xargazorg Collective proudly presents Kiss/OFF, the hottest dating show in the galaxy! The contestants have exactly three days to pair off and SQUARE OFF in a dating royale! Whichever couple has the most passionate, *magical* kiss at the end of the contest wins the Ultimate Prize: Freedom! The losing team? They get yeeted right into the sun. :)

Play as Vic Powers, your everyday college track star who is cool and chill and very bi. When he gets abducted onto the set of Kiss/OFF, he suddenly has a lot more to worry about than declaring his major. Now, he’s got to kiss a hottie, win the dating game, and find some way back to Earth!

[From Steam]


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