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Youling Shaonü Lasling


Youling Shaonü Lasling
Geistermädchen Lasling
Ghost Girl Lasling
Chica Fantasma Lasling
Fille fantôme Lasling
Yuurei Shoujo Lasling
유령 소녀 라슬린
Yulyeong Sonyeo Lasling
Geest meisje Lasling
Garota Fantasma Lasling
Garota Fantasma Lasling
Девушка-призрак Лайслин
Devushka-prizrak Lajslin
Phi Saw Lasling
Hayalet kız Lasling
Cô gái ma Lasling
Youling Shaonü Lasling
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperPlumko & The Thinker Cat


Players will unfold the story from Mofft's perspective—
In the dark office, Mofft is gradually overwhelmed by reality due to a major mistake.
And the woman who lost her life, everything, and seemed to be abandoned by the world, named Lasling, was standing quietly at the end of the corridor.
The two sides are constantly entangled by the past, but they have also become each other's redemption.

"If the accident hadn't happened, would I have met you?"
“Even if everything in me is disillusioned, will you stay by my side?”
"The back hill of the company, she is still waiting for me under the cypress."
“Even now, faults and mistakes are still blaming me.”
"Can we find happiness as long as we go to the far south?"

Now, let us chew this bitter and unforgettable love together.

[From Steam]


Chinese (traditional) (2)
2023-05-3018+Youling Shaonü Lasling
2023-10AllYouling Shaonü Lasling (G-rated)
Arabic (2)
2023-05-3018+Youling Shaonü Lasling
2023-10AllYouling Shaonü Lasling (G-rated)
German (2)
2023-05-3018+Geistermädchen Lasling
2023-10AllGeistermädchen Lasling (G-rated)
English (2)
2023-05-3018+Ghost Girl Lasling
2023-10AllGhost Girl Lasling (G-rated)
Spanish (2)
2023-05-3018+Chica Fantasma Lasling
2023-10AllChica Fantasma Lasling (G-rated)
French (2)
2023-05-3018+Fille fantôme Lasling
2023-10AllFille fantôme Lasling (G-rated)
Italian (1)
2023-05-3018+Youling Shaonü Lasling
Japanese (2)
2023-05-3018+Yuurei Shoujo Lasling
2023-10AllYuurei Shoujo Lasling (G-rated)
Korean (2)
2023-05-3018+Yulyeong Sonyeo Lasling
2023-10AllYulyeong Sonyeo Lasling (G-rated)
Dutch (1)
2023-05-3018+Geest meisje Lasling
Portuguese (Brazil) (1)
2023-05-3018+Garota Fantasma Lasling
Portuguese (Portugal) (1)
2023-05-3018+Garota Fantasma Lasling
Russian (2)
2023-05-3018+Devushka-prizrak Lajslin
2023-10AllDevushka-prizrak Lajslin (G-rated)
Thai (2)
2023-05-3018+Phi Saw Lasling
2023-10AllPhi Saw Lasling (G-rated)
Turkish (2)
2023-05-3018+Hayalet kız Lasling
2023-10AllHayalet kız Lasling (G-rated)
Vietnamese (1)
2023-05-3018+Cô gái ma Lasling
Chinese (simplified) (2)
2023-05-3018+Youling Shaonü Lasling
2023-10AllYouling Shaonü Lasling (G-rated)

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