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Ayakashi Ren'ai Kitan ~Kami-sama no Dashikata~


TitleAyakashi Ren'ai Kitan ~Kami-sama no Dashikata~
Original title妖恋愛奇譚~神サマの堕し方~
DeveloperMarine Heart
PublishersMarine Heart


Suou was seized while jaunting around on the miserable human world. It was rumored that he would be the next ruler of the heavens.
But Suou suffers more misfortune when the a sorcerer on the highest mountain, an earth emperor called Miyabi, has a devilish personality.
In that state Suou is pressured to swear absolute obedience to the beautiful demon, Ryuuto.
Moreover, Miyabi employs the stuck up white demon, Raika.
He suddenly finds himself living in Miyabi's mention.
Is more suffer awaiting the restrained Suou, or a beautiful dream that he doesn't see yet?

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Japanese (2)
2005-06-1018+Ayakashi Ren'ai Kitan ~Kami-sama no Dashikata~
2005-06-1018+Ayakashi Ren'ai Kitan ~Kami-sama no Dashikata~ Special Edition


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RaikaMain character
RyuutoMain character
Tsuchimikado MiyabiMain character

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